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Privacy Statement

Beyond Research will collect only information we need to perform our services. We conduct market research in person via focus groups or individual interviews and online via surveys and research communities or a combination of these methods.

Beyond Research adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) outlined in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Market and Social Research Society’s (AMSRS) Code of Professional Behaviour 2014. These principles influence how we can obtain, retain, use, disclose and transfer any data about those who participate in any of our market research studies.

In some cases we sub-contract external, specialist, quality accredited suppliers to conduct the sampling, recruiting, interviewing, survey analysis or data processing. Those specialists we sub-contract are also adherents to the Privacy Act principles and AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour mentioned above. Accordingly we and our research sub-contractors regard and treat any personal information that we might collect for our studies as private and confidential.

All information is used solely for research purposes, not for sales, marketing or other purposes. Typically the information provided to us (or to our sub-contractors) in our research is reported to clients in an aggregated format without any participating individuals or their survey responses being identified. The only exception is where individuals have previously been asked and agreed to disclosing their personal details for furthure follow up. If any of our surveys seek sensitive information, we advise that respondents do not need to provide answers to such questions if that is their preference. Survey respondents can also remain anonymous when providing personal information or use an alias for identification purposes. Any personal information collected for these surveys is deleted once it is no longer needed. However while any such personal information remains relevant and identifiable for us, the individual concerned can request access or deletion of that information. This can be done by contacting us at info@beyondresearch.com.au

The Australian Market and Social Research Society's free Survey Line on 1300 364 830 can be called any time to check if a company is recognised by the Society. Information on the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles and the Code of Professional Behaviour can also be found on the Australian Market and Social Research Society website here.